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You’re going to want to join Proffered, here’s why:

Manage Your Clients

Proffered doubles up as an easy-to-use management platform. Documents, correspondence data, acceptance of offer, receipt of payment, and everything else you need pertaining to each client case is right there.


Signable Documents

Scan your retainer and send it to the client via Proffered as a signable document. The client will be able to review, sign the document, and send it back to you all within our app.

Location Based

Traffic tickets from clients are presented to you relative to your geographic location in which you practice. Proffered allows for a simple and streamlined approach to which potential clients find you. Your profile, practice, experience, and your office location are presented on a beautiful map. Getting you clients is what we’re here for!


Our platform serves you with a pool of clients to pick and choose from at your discretion – empowering you to scale-on demand with your existing law practice. Cool, right?


We take compliance with the Law Society very seriously. As such, we have built-in features, such as the ability to view the name of the client and any other parties involved before going on to view any other confidential information. This allows you to conduct a conflict of interest search and practice in good faith.


The dollar value of every offer you place is only viewable by the client(s) and yourself. No other Legal Professional on Proffered will know your business. This is NOT a bidding competition.

Fair for all Pricing

As much as we would love to make Proffered free for all, unfortunately, keeping the lights on is an expensive ordeal for us. We’ve committed to a tiered pricing system that is fair to you and us. Each package will get you a number of credits. One credit will be used for every client that accepts your offer. The payment of legal fees from the client to your trust account is to be discussed between you and the client in privilege once your offer has been accepted. To protect the integrity of your practice, we will take no part in that transaction.



1 Free Case
Unlimited Offers
Tier 1


5 Cases
Unlimited Offers
Tier 2


17 Cases
Unlimited Offers
Tier 3


30 Cases
Unlimited Offers

Please note: You do not have to pay anything up front to use the app! You may purchase credits in-app when you’re ready to send your offer to client(s). We provide you with 1 credit upon registration, which will fetch you one client – for free!

Download Proffered, fight tickets like a true professional.

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