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Proffered is a very simple attempt to bring the age-old practice of law into the modern era of digital technology. This is our take on how traffic tickets should be fought. Clients should have discretion to choose from a variety of legal professionals whom are reviewed by other clients and thereby held accountable to practice with customer satisfaction in mind.

We we’re not pleased with the arm and a leg many brick and mortar “Ex-cop traffic ticket¬†fighting firms/company/whatever” offered here in Toronto, Ontario. Some even stooped low into the open advertisement of “you don’t pay unless we win” nonsense. This is a very senile attempt to hook clients. What these clients don’t know is – getting your traffic ticket reduced is considered a “win” to them. If a reduction is what you need – in most scenarios – you’re able to show up to court and ask for one yourself! With your arm and leg in-tact!

Long story – short, Proffered is here to disrupt the market. We would like your support and love to make this happen. Let’s bring back the power of discretion and affordable pricing back to the people. Download the Proffered App on your iPhone today!

Be sure to send us an e-mail on your experience with any feedback here: feedback@profferedapp.com. We absorb and strive to better ourself on every e-mail we receive.



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