Fight Traffic Ticket in Toronto

Fight Traffic Ticket

What was the offence on the traffic ticket(s) you’ve received? Tell us what happened during your vehicle stop. Be as detailed as possible – our legal professionals are standing by to help!

Take a snap

A picture of your traffic ticket with our in-app camera and your incident report is all that’s needed for our legal professionals to assess your matter.

Recieve Offers

Review offers and advice given by professionals interested in handling your matter, when you see an offer you like, connect with that professional and put your mind at ease!

Hundreds of clients saved from rising insurance premiums! Having your traffic ticket dismissed is our first goal.

Legal Professionals all over Canada and the United States are awaiting to help fight your traffic tickets.

Screenshot Detection

Your traffic ticket will automatically be hidden from everyone, except legal professionals reviewing your case. Should someone take a screenshot of your post, you and our Privacy Officer will be notified via e-mail to take action.

Rate & Review

Review what other clients have said about our legal professionals. Knowing that you will be leaving a review once your legal matter is dealt with incentivizes our legal professionals to make client satisfaction – priority one.

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View Public Tickets

View other traffic tickets, its comments, and offers giving you foresight and an idea of cost. We do not allow clients to view any private information, such as pictures of the traffic ticket(s), privileged conversation,  and confidential documents.

Status Updates

At each point of your case, your legal representative will update the current status of your case as it moves through the respective judicial system. No guessing games and no what-ifs. Always stay informed.

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Any questions? You can send a message to the Legal Professional representing you from within the app at any time of the day, 7 days a week.


It’s easy to send, receive, and sign documents within the app. One tap to your documents folder and another tap to sign right there on your iPhone.

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